Monday, March 16, 2009

Trip To Glory - March 14, 2009


Made a quick Trip up to the Teton Pass on Saturday morning. We would have liked to have waited for the snow to soften a bit, but time constraints didn't allow us that luxury. To be honest - the snow sucked. We waited for as long as we could and then just bit the bullet. The boys negotiated the crust much better than I did, making it look easy. I was having a hard time, and only towards the bottom did I notice one of my bindings was loose. I just thought "Gee, I suck more than usual today!"

However, just getting out in the sunshine made the trip worthwhile. Any day in the mountains beats sitting around at home. Perhaps next weekend will find us up there again. The views alone are worth it!

DSC04178 DSC04188

DSC04169 DSC04229


Mountain Chickadee DSC04230


  1. I was just up in this area snowshoeing/camping a saw people everywhere hiking these mountains around the jackson pass and skiing down them, looks like a blast. Great Photos

  2. Yes, it is a pretty popular place, though one never feels like they are being crowded. Lots o room to pick your line, and the more dedicated you are, the better the terrain becomes.

    Looking to make some splitboards this summer to use next winter. Opens up a whole new world! YeeeHaww!