Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Box Canyon Trip - August 18, 2008


A beautiful day deep in the heart of the Wyoming Range. Box Canyon is not far from the highest point in the range, just a mile or so north of it. A nice trail takes one to the divide and one can continue over into Lunch Creek, or take the Wyoming Range Trail to the north, or to the south! .... Acme Map!

One thing I noticed - Lots of butterflies. Lots. So many that I spent a lot of time trying to photograph them. Burned a lot of time and paid for it with a ride home in the dark, on my scooter, with tinted goggles.....

DSC01351 DSC01402 DSC01407-1

Top it off with some damn delicious thimble berries and killer views!


DSC01367 DSC01336 DSC01439

Did I mention the cool waterfall?

It was a great trip and can't wait to do some additional exploring this summer. Coffin & Virginia Peaks are on the menu!

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