Thursday, February 26, 2009


February 21, 2009

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Close Call!

February 18, 2009

Update on my crazy life....

wOw! My heart is still pumping like crazy. It is Wednesday morning, 9:39am. I just escaped death or serious injury by less than 5 feet......I tell myself to calm down, take it easy......

I stopped in to the store this morning to pick up a prescription, while waiting I played around with the blood pressure machine, thinking happy and unhappy thoughts, to see if I could make the readings change. Amazing how thoughts of deep powder on a bluebird day differ from thoughts of coming home to a messy house after a shitty day at work. Cool experiment while I was waiting.

I finish up at the store, hop in my outfit to continue the drive to work. Roads are ok, bare for the most part.....except for that little patch up ahead that THAT PICKUP UP JUST HIT AND LOST CONTROL !!!!! all happened so quick, and so slow, at the same time. She hits the snowbank on her right, bounces off and she starts to slide sideways (cabside towards me) ...I can see if I don't evade to the right and punch it, she is going to smear me on my driver's side......closer, closer, whooosh, she goes by, missing my back bumper by about a foot. I look in my rearview, she is off the road, down into the ditch and rolls it over a fence and out into a field, snow flying everywhere....

I call 911 as I look for a spot to turn around. 20 cars go by, no one stops, seems no one saw what happened. Just a pickup off the road. 911 dispatches quick response and I make it back to the rolled pickup. Young girl, 16 or 17. She is fine, her seatbelt saving her from being thrown out or around. "I think I rolled it or something", yes dear, you did.....

It only takes a second to change/end a life......Blood pressure? Way up.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My adventure....

February 17, 2009

....Started yesterday working up at the hill, got off at noon and snowboarded till 4. Filled in for a no show at the top from 4 - close at 10pmish. Up to this point things are still cool. I get home and a friend of my eldest son needs a ride home to Irwin, about an hour round trip. Oh ok, if I have to...sigh.....

Drive was still dry, not snowing much. A few deer to avoid and one large rock in the road, microwavish sized, avoided with no problem....but I should have stopped, got out and moved it.....should have.....

Return trip, come around a corner and I see hazard lights. Soon into view I see 5 people standing next to their car...."please, have you got a cell phone we can use.?" Hmmm, seems they have hit that rock. I hand them my phone and pull up the road a 100 yards or so to turn around, and in doing so it become apparent what has happened. He hit the rock at about 60mph, and in fact the rock is still under the car. A nasty groove has been cut into the asphalt the whole length of the encounter, and now automotive fluid is greasing the road all around said car. Rental. Yes, he did buy the insurance. Good damn thing, looks like it might be totaled.

It is late. No traffic. Just me and the 5 Peruvians, 1 Guy and 4 girls, all in their early twenties. Live in JH on temp visas. One or two work up at the village. Been shopping in Idaho Falls. Shit loads of girl shit. 30 or more sacks of clothes, and whatnot. Fez, I call him that because, well he looks and sounds like Fez, has no idea what to do. I call state police and arrange for a wrecker. Takes an hour for these to arrive. 1am now.

Wrecker hauls off automobile, state police takes statement. That leaves the 5 of them standing on the side of the road with all their shiz. What else could I do....I load them and all the shopping goodies into my outfit and haul them to Jackson. Over the pass at 2:30am and then again at 3:45. Snowing like a bastard. All the way home. Arrived home at 5am. 2 hours of sleep and here I am at work. Seeing double. Hard to type. Coffee ain't cutting it.

May have to sneak off to a dark corner for a nap.......

Oh, lots of snow on the pass. Had visions of me boarding the road. Untracked powder for the most part...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Fun!

February 7 & 8, 2009

Drove to Moran Junction late Friday night, like about 2am Saturday morning! Back home by 10am. 1 hour sleep and then up to KC for some beautiful blue bird day boarding/skiing! Worked at the top of #2 till 10pm....home to sleep and then up to Kelly Canyon for a Sunday full of great runs and smiles!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009's good out there

February 1, 2009

Got my camera back, been without it for a while....broke it when I fell off the Rainbow Box.....when will I learn?

Delivered to me Friday, had a great weekend!

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A little Racing on Saturday January 31, 2009

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