Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall 2011

Finding it harder and harder to keep up with blog updates of any regular frequency. I still get out, though this summer season has been slow when compared with past years. Time and money seem to be the big culprits...... I have not enough of either it seems. I love the country around here, but I have been everywhere within 50 miles. Everywhere. I still enjoy this immediate area, though places are getting more and more crowded. Think of the area above Kelly Canyon.....on a huckleberry picking Saturday morning. Holy Crap! Never have I seen that many cars on a dirt road...ever. So bad, the trees and bushes were coated with grey dust for 25 yards each side of the road. Zoom. Zoom. 

Anywhere beyond 50 miles begins to cost dollars... and lots of them.  Seems the 50 miles turns into 100 miles. Then 150 miles - one way. $3.65 per gallon of gas.  These trips start to cost $30 just in gas. So...I have been sticking close to home in order to rationalize the coming winter trips to Targhee and Big Sky.

These trips are worth waiting for. Pre-season Targhee = incredible experiences, never had a bad day at the Ghee. I don't think that that is even possible. A bad day at the Ghee is better than just about any other day of the year. The drive to (and the day at) Big Sky is magical. Island Park, Yellowstone and the upper reaches of the Gallatin River. Incredible country.  Incredible days. Incredible snowy days.

Tate - Targhee

Do you, or do you not agree, that days spent skiing and snowboarding deep powder are the most precious of all days? Those can be "perfect" days. Days you could not improve upon. I live for days like those, where sometimes new snow is measured in feet, rather than miserly inches. It is kin to flying, like in the dreams I sometimes have. The ability to fly. Snowboarding is like that. So much like that. Close your eyes, spread your arms. Fly.

To all of you who understand, we will see you on the hill. Soon.

In the meantime, had thoughts about this coming years igloo. Going to try to be a little higher on the mountain. What that means is.....I need to think about packing some of the supplies in early, within the next month. That sounds like fun. I snowboarded that hill close to a dozen times last winter...every run down a blast.

Igloo View
Just some observations from the last few weeks.
Days are definitely shorter. Orion in the morning sky.
Nip in the air. 38f a few mornings a week or so ago.
Skies are really smokey.
Full moon last night was awesome.
I have the best dogs in the world.
Lots of dust in the valley from harvest.
Sunsets this time of year are staggering.
The geese are restless.
The garden has seen better days.
I still love my wife after all these years.
The Zucchini cake doesn't last long around here. 
Sunset - September 7, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Been a while.... Posted 8/17/11

...yes. It has been several weeks since an update, and I have been meaning to get one up for a while. Busy? Yes.

I have neglected my yard...for years. Weekends would find me in the hills all summer long. That is great and all, but damn, my yard suffered. It wasn't what I thought of the yard, but what my wife thought of it that made my stick around most of this summer. It needed some major tending to.

So, I did what I should have done years ago. Planted some grass where it was missing, planted some trees where it was bare looking. Black plastic in the garden. Borders where they were needed. Some decorations to give it that finished look, and Voila! The place looks good now, and should be easy to keep it like that now.








The garden is killer btw. Black plastic, compost and mulch.... the only way to go.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some shots.... Posted 7/9/11

Some recent shots....



Charlie loves the snow!











Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snowboarding, Dogs and Other Weird Stuff...

Snowboarding? Yes, we just can't stop. Even though winter is dying a slow death we can still find places that hold on to that season far beyond what would seem normal for most of the country. We love it. I love it.


Tate loves it.



We have the weekend trips to high spots that still have snow measured in feet, 10 feet, or more in places.

Evenings are reserved for short trips into the mostly dry, snow free hills near home. The dogs love me for the 1 to 2 hour long hikes. It takes the strain of the workday and kills it. Dead.

The Dog Walk - April 19, 2011


Sunsets are spectacular here, perfect place, this natural amphitheater.
Panorama 1

This hat has been here for years.... I wonder who left it .... on accident no doubt. It blends in nicely and I only saw by chance, being out of the way and all.
The Hat Rack...

The moon has been hidden for days and days. It showed itself briefly, but also beautifully....

Tate snowborded Sunday morning and then golfed Sunday afternoon....

Ryan on the course...

Ririe Reservoir Spillway... Go Dexter!!

Lots of deer still hanging around....

Turkey Vulture above the Ririe Reservoir, looking for scraps...

The Walk....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lost Igloo - April 10, 2011

Lost my igloo ... anyone seen it?

Click > New Years Igloo < Click

We found that the igloo was deeply buried under all the snow that has fallen over the last three months... at least that is what we think.... It may have collapsed.... but who really knows....

I left a couple of items in it, in case I wanted to use it again, with the intent that I would retrieve at that time....well guess that didn't work out so swell.... Not to worry though, another month or two and I will go get my stuff....

Flirting with disaster there boy!!

Mile long cornice.... the view from where my Igloo is located...

Me(Fatboy) heading down the hill empty handed...

We will have to wait a month or two before trying to retrieve the goods.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Sky - March 26, 2011

Met up with some friends from Massachusetts over the weekend, Bill, Gina and Dave. Awesome day on the hill! After some mellow laps off of Southern Comfort, our East Coast friends proceeded to show us some gnarly terrain that we had neglected on past visits, War Dance being the first steep run of the day.


Then a couple of wild runs just off of the Thunder Wolf Quad. Excellent terrain and a lip that served as some of the best action of the day.



Dave 1

Bill suggested that we take the Tram to the top and we all readily agreed.

Wild weather buffeted us at the lower tram dock while we waited. Then when we were underway, perhaps 1/4 of the way up, WHAM!! It felt like someone hit the e-brake. Some WILD swinging back and forth while we hung there for a minute or so, made the heart beat even faster.... woah...


The wind at the top was incredibly strong, +-50 mph easy.....then the Liberty Bowl long and steep. I could see myself tumbling to the bottom..... and like a little wanny I carefully made my way down to mid-mountain. Tate and Bill made it look easy.


We had a blast, made some friends, and enjoyed the Big Skies of Montana... WhaaaHooo!