Monday, December 21, 2009

Targhee - December 20, 2009

The sun came out for a while! YAY!




Thursday, December 17, 2009


December 16, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Steep and Deep

December 13, 2009

Tate @ Targhee

Tate @ Targhee

Tate @ Targhee

Tate @ Targhee

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cool Runnings

December 6, 2009

Brrrrr cold up to Targhee over the weekend. I think the high was 8f. Too cold to take many photographs.....

I did get one or two.



Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Sky - Thanksgiving Day!

On the way there...
Targhee Peak




On the way home.....from there....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Targhee - November 22, 2009

Great Day at the Ghee!

Top of the hill is fantastic. Lower 1/3 is a little rough....

JB and Charlie


Tate @ Targhee


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Want To Take Your Photo

At some point I would like to run into you EIOP guys somewhere to get some shots...

Most of my trips will up to Targhee, anyone going to be up there this season?







Monday, November 16, 2009

Living in Paradise

Living in Paradise, yes.....I think so. For all the negative things I can think of that come with living here (and there are a few), they pale in comparison to the plus side of great things to be enjoyed in this area.

Not everyone enjoys the great outdoors. Hard to believe, I know. Why that is so, is hard to say. Too cold, too hot, too many bugs.....blah, blah, blah...... you get the picture. Anything worth having is almost always hard to get, it takes perseverance, and to a degree a perverse attitude. This stuff ain't easy. Not many find this kind of fun to actually be,

My boss asked me what I did this weekend. I told him that me and one of my boys drove up to Targhee for some snowboarding. "Oh, I didn't know they were open." He says. "They aren't." I inform him. He looks at me and I could see the question forming in his mind. I answered him before he asked. "We hiked up."

I saw the puzzlement in his face. "Why would you do that?" he blurts out. I found no answer that would satisfy him. I mean, how could he understand? If you have to ask, you won't understand, no matter the answer.

Hard? Yes. Sweaty? A bit. Tired? Oh yeah. Satisfaction level? Extremely high.

Have a look.




JB and Charlie



Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend - Early November 2009

Woke early Saturday to go cut a load of firewood with my good friend John. Love to do this sort of thing. Trenton came with and ran the chainsaw for us. A load appeared after a couple of hours of good times. Thanks John!

John & Trenton

The weather is holding off just a bit, not quite winter, but definitely feeling like late fall. The winds were light, and the skies clear. Just perfect for an afternoon hike close to home.

The dogs were ready to go, aren't they always? I drove a few miles and decided to hike near Kelly Canyon, but someplace where I would have the area to myself. Just before we got to "Little" Kelly Canyon, I pulled off, parked and headed straight up the slopes to the north. Some pretty cool rock formations cover the hillside here. Climbers come to scale cliff faces here, but no one was busy doing that this day, not yet anyway.

I made my way upwards trying to get a view of the setting moon over the Lemhi Range, some 70 to 80 miles distant. I did get to see it for a few minutes before it disappeared into the haze. The views across the Snake River plain were quite stunning, me being above the haze. The mountains rising high, and seeming to float in the sky with bases hidden from view.

It was windy and cold along the ridge line. A hard world with everything bent in the direction of the prevailing winds. A sheepherder monument capped the highpoint, eight feet tall and in silence kept watch on things, near and far.


The dogs live for these outings. Anxious and prone to get ahead of me, but always a look behind to see if I was still following. Good dogs! I can see that all my hiking lately has helped, I felt strong and even the steepest portions were no longer dreaded by my old legs.

We dropped down into Little Kelly Canyon and followed the cow trail down to the pavement, the dogs munching on cow pies and "road apples" .....mmmmm good.

Snake River Plain

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009


October 30, 2009

Fun? Yes please. Yesterday I took a day off work. The boys had the day off from school and we heard fun calling our names.....faintly at first and then louder and louder. We gave in and decided to go and find this fun.

We found it.

Tate @ Targhee

Tate @ Targhee


Tate @ Targhee

Trent @ Targhee

360's a piece of cake for Trenton... we hate him......
Trenton @ Targhee


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hwy 28....Our Roswell

I don't have any photos, bummer, I know. This happened right before I purchased my DSL.

I had one of my other cameras along, but it showed absolutely zilch when I looked at the shots later. So I will just describe as best as I can. I think I have done so earlier, but could not find the thread.....

I, along with a couple of other adults, took some scouts up to Lemhi Pass and Salmon for an outing designed to educate these boys about Lewis and Clark & Sacajawea. I knew a place up Spring Canyon (near the old Hahn Townsite) to camp for the night. I had my laptop and even played a bit of a DVD on Lewis & Clark to all in attendance, pretty cool.

Most of the group went to bed in tents, I, along with my 3 boys threw our sleeping bags down on the ground under the stars. wOw! The stars were brilliant! You can sure see way more when you are in the right place. We talked about the usual stuff, nothing of importance really. My youngest was on my left and he said "Dad, what is the bright star over there?" He pointed to the edge of a ridge coming down to our left. A bright "star" was shining just above the trees. I said that I thought it must be Venus. It was pretty bright, but not unusually so. I went back to talking to the other two boys, paying it little mind.

Next thing Trent said to me, "Dad, where did it go?" I looked and sure enough, it was gone.....well that was strange. I thought it might be hidden behind some clouds, but no... stars were still visible in that specific direction. 'Well, that is strange....." I murmured to myself. I couldn't explain that readily, but I though there must be SOME explanation.

I went back to talking to the other two (they were on my right). Trent then exclaimed loudly "There it is again!!"

When I turned to look, I could see a bright light behind the trees on the ridge. It was moving. At first I thought it was a set of car lights from an outfit coming off the mountain. There are some roads that travel to the top and over into the Little Lost River valley at this point in the Lems. Very rough roads and not likely anything other than a Jeep or four wheeler would even try to negotiate these terrible old mining roads. And the roads were further up the canyon, behind us.

The light then moved above the trees into the clear I was starting to become alarmed. What could possibly do that? What? Good question. Helicopter came to mind. But good hell man, this thing stayed up there for hours, moving a little, but not much. It was colorful, seemingly changing colors, but subtlety. The rest of the sky moved over the course of the night, but this thing stayed in about the same spot for most of the long night. Very odd. Damn odd. I have no explanation for this incident. Several of the boys came out of their tents and sat next to us and watched for a couple of hours. None of the other two leaders would get up, too bad, they missed quite the spectacle.

Saw it again two weeks later when I drove from Salmon back to Ririe......eerie as hell.

Trent Hwy 28View On Black Trenton Hwy 28View On BlackHwy 28View On BlackufoView On Black

Monday, October 12, 2009


October 10 and 11 2009

What a weekend....we made it up to Targhee both Saturday and Sunday.....are we sick or what?

Both the scenery and the boarding = Spectacular! wOw! Have a look!

Tate @ Targhee 10/11/09



Tate & Charlie @ Targhee

Saw some tracks coming off the top of Table....

also saw some Moose and Mule Deer on the way up to the hill....

....and the Steller's Jay that hangs around the parking lot at Targhee
Steller's Jay

Have a look at more shots @ .... My Flikr