Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Sky - March 26, 2011

Met up with some friends from Massachusetts over the weekend, Bill, Gina and Dave. Awesome day on the hill! After some mellow laps off of Southern Comfort, our East Coast friends proceeded to show us some gnarly terrain that we had neglected on past visits, War Dance being the first steep run of the day.


Then a couple of wild runs just off of the Thunder Wolf Quad. Excellent terrain and a lip that served as some of the best action of the day.



Dave 1

Bill suggested that we take the Tram to the top and we all readily agreed.

Wild weather buffeted us at the lower tram dock while we waited. Then when we were underway, perhaps 1/4 of the way up, WHAM!! It felt like someone hit the e-brake. Some WILD swinging back and forth while we hung there for a minute or so, made the heart beat even faster.... woah...


The wind at the top was incredibly strong, +-50 mph easy.....then the Liberty Bowl long and steep. I could see myself tumbling to the bottom..... and like a little wanny I carefully made my way down to mid-mountain. Tate and Bill made it look easy.


We had a blast, made some friends, and enjoyed the Big Skies of Montana... WhaaaHooo!


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