Thursday, September 16, 2010

South Leigh / Granite Basin September 2010

Saturday Stroll up South Leigh Canyon and then up into Granite Basin. Long Walk!


South Leigh Canyon in the Tetons is very lush in places. Tall trees that block out even mid-day sun. While walking out of the canyon, the sun setting on the mountains and darkness gathering under the boughs, I happen to glance over to see rays of the sun light up a small patch of forest glade. It was a ways off and a bit misty, the leaves of the tall grass turning golden and bright while all else around was dull and murky. I could imagine wood elves pausing for a brief moment in their travels, resting a bit on a long journey I was immediately transported to this place..... just for a minute or so, though I would have liked to have stayed longer, Ahhh, were that possible.

It was very real and vivid. It is the only time I have experienced an event like this. Tiredness, perhaps even a bit of dehydration, and being at the right place at the right time - all factors I suppose. It was a beautiful, even a magical place to be and there are days that I would gladly go there and never come back.......

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  1. Man, I always love your photographs, both the subjects and the compostition..of course it is inspiring country we live in!