Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Darby Canyon / Fossil Mountain 9/19/10

I hiked past the Wind Cave and up to the saddle just below Fossil Mountain on Sunday. The scenery was awesome as usual in the Tetons. I have to say that it is not quite as spectacular as the South Leigh Creek area though. The views are limited unless one gets very high on Fossil Mountain. I opted not to continue to the top of this mountain because of high winds and low water supply.

Of note was the closure of the cave(s) in this area, and all of Wyoming as a matter of fact.

"Darby Canyon’s Wind and Ice Cave, like all other caves and mines in Wyoming, was closed last month by order of the U.S. Forest Service to assess the spread of white nose syndrome, a fungal infection fatal to bats."

Didn't seem to stop some folks from venturing inside them though. Rules must not apply to them.

Darby Canyon is fairly wide at the head, and one can use several routes to the saddle. I hung close to the west side, under the huge cliffs on the way up. Water (spring) was to be found between the Wind and Ice caves. None below or above so carry plenty if you go late in the year.

Fossil Mountain Hike

I sat at the saddle and debated whether or not to continue to the top of Fossil. Decided it was best to call it a day and hoof it back to the trail head. I descended right down the center of the broad "flats" bypassing the only water to be found, but enjoying the relative easy and open terrain. Passed a few hikers who were out for an easy stroll in the lower canyon.

Fall colors abundant in sections. Snow up high. Awesome.

Fossil Mountain

Fossil Mountain Hike

Fossil Mountain


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