Monday, April 19, 2010

Done with snowboarding for the season......

...for the most part. Targhee on Sunday was ok, some creamy goodness down low was awesome. The top stayed hard and ugly and was a bit of a disappointment really. It would have been nice had they groomed a little more. I like un-groomed powder, but this stuff was really hard, and choppy. The one run off the top that was groomed was a "shit-show' and not all that much fun.

(I don't want to get "burned out" either. Snowboarding should be something that I look forward to. A 6 or 7 month long break is good for keeping the interest high, and gives us something to look forward to.)

Tate @ Targhee - April 18, 201

Called it a day fairly early and took a nice slow drive home....

I shouldn't complain, this season was awesome. The best season ever really. So have a look here...just a few shots I picked out.....enjoy.

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