Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big and Little Sisters - Lemhi Range

Big and Little Sisters

Big and Little Sisters (Points 10,954 & 10,717) are located +-3 miles northwest of Diamond Peak, and 5.8 miles southeast of Bell Mountain. What makes these two points particularly attractive is the ability to climb them early (usually) in the spring. The Lemhi Range is relatively dry and in the rain shadows of the Pioneer and Lost River Ranges. The snow melts early on the southwest slopes of Little Sister, allowing those of us with spring fever to get out and summit a couple of a relatively high Lemhi Peaks.

Big and Little Sisters

The Sisters are almost exactly 1 mile apart, and the ridge separating them is an easy scramble. The view of the high peaks of Diamond and Bell (and a good portion of the Lemhi Range) are outstanding.

The Lems are high and rugged. You will find few people here.....typical Southeast Idaho fare.

Big and Little Sisters Big and Little Sisters

The remains of an old cabin (if you can call it a cabin) can be found at around 9600 ft on Little Sisters west ridge. A fair amount of labor went into it, and I found broken pieces of window glass, along with old broken bottles and an old gold pan. It is a bit of a mystery as I could find no sign of mining and there is absolutely no water to pan for gold here. I don't know.....any ideas?

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