Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 2012

Heart Attack - Afternoon of January 15. Just returned from a little split-boarding in the BC with a good buddy. I walked in the front door, stood in the kitchen and then collapsed. Almost gone in a split second. Wife was home thankfully. Dialed 911. EMT's at the door in 3 minutes. CPR and in between they took the paddles to me - 7 times in total. 4 times on the kitchen floor and 3 in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Woke the next day, after surgery. 5 Stents.

8 days later I am home. Even returned to work(part time) the day after I left hospital. Now? Diet. Exercise also, but I was already quite active. I asked the doctor how long would it be before I can return to snowboarding.... he said "give it a week." Actually waiting for my chest / sternum / ribs to heal. Kinda sore in that area. Many thanks to all that helped save my sorry ass. My wife, the EMTs, the doctors and nurses. Thanks to all who expressed concern, I didn't know that many people cared. Quite humbling. Again THANKS!

Heard this song shortly after waking up in the hospital....

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