Monday, January 12, 2009

Ski Hill Blues or Gaper Parade

January 12, 2009

I work at Kelly Canyon part time and I love it. I usually only work when they are short handed. It isn't a lot, one or two nights a week and perhaps a day on the weekend, and I get preferential treatment. Usually a nice warm shack at the top. Lift #2 shack is warm and roomy. Lift #1 has a killer view. The free season pass is nice, but I get it anyway - my wife (and all my kids) work there also, and if I work or not, I get a season pass regardless.

I watch people get off the lift. Lots of em. Many have trouble getting down the ramp without a crash and burn. The ramps are to blame a bit - sometimes the snow is crappy. Where it is so windy on top the fresh stuff seems to blow away easily, leaving the ramp hard and icy.

I try to maintain the ramp as well as I can, but it can be difficult. Snowboarders are my enemy as they are terribly hard on the snow, and any fresh powder shoveled onto an ailing ramp soon gets pushed out of the way, time after time. Lack of ability, lack of a stomp pad, or even just a lack of common sense in many boarders are to blame. Keep in mind - I am a snowboarder. I just wish that the beginners would stay on the "beginner" lift just a bit longer, till they can learn to safely "disembark". But the pressure from peers is just too much sometimes.

The urge to be "cool" is a strong one, and I can see how beginners end up where they probably should not be. People can do what they want, to a point, but my main complaint is having to hit the stop button too frequently. I am sure others riding the lift will agree.

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